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Private lending risks to identify illegal fund-raising

  private lending is a common form of lending, lenders take back borrowed funds and interest is also protected by the existing laws. But the profit of capital, many people in search of profits, from legitimate lending into the pitfalls of illegal fund raising, more losses than gains. Since last year, tightening, illegal fund-raising activities in many areas are frequent, even higher for individual regions and spreads, seriously affecting the socio-economic and financial order.
illegal fund-raising refers to units or individuals are not approved by the authorities in accordance with legal procedures, and to issue stocks, bonds, lottery, investment funds securities or other debt instruments to the public to raise money and commitment within a certain period to monetary, physical and other forms of debt service to the investor or reward behavior.
acts of illegal fund-raising and legitimate difference between borrowing, single liabilities that are not specific to the public officer drawing on funds and if so, is the illegal fund-raising. Lawyers warned that could be taken by individuals, businesses, legal and financing include: Bank loans, loans, trust loans, lawfully issued stock borrowing, internal financing, as well as relatives, natural persons, and so on.
If public wants to for civil borrowing, for ensure borrowing behavior legitimacy, should note following matters: 1, and borrowing subject to accurate; 2, and borrowing interest meet legal provides, high interest not only illegal also will led to cannot repayment of risk; 3, and using formal of borrowing contract replaced a Zhang paper of IOU; 4, and provides borrowing, especially amount larger must to through bank transfers; 5, and requirements borrowing people provides full guarantees (as property); 6, and property mortgage to law registration, without registration is invalid of.

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