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At any moment you can choose pawn financing

  many people errors thought pawn line of interest is high, actually pawn line of interest is and bank loan as of; but due to pawn business than bank loan more out assessment, and identification, and custody, cost, so pawn Guild charged integrated service and the management costs, according to different of Dang period, and different of pledge mortgage real, months integrated rates in 2.4% to 4.2% Zhijian; select pawn line: If funds needs in 3 months within, pawn line is a is good of select, And from Bank loan procedures need is long time is may miss emergency, Bank loan general one years within not allows ahead of repayment, and even allows also will charged high fine, again plus Bank loan need pay of various potential cost and trouble of procedures, total cost to above pawn line; select Bank, and or pawn emergency Hou find Bank: If funds need over 6 months, is pawn line of costs high, best select Bank, or first from pawn line got funds emergency, then, Bank loan approval down Hou returned pawn line.
with paragraph emergency: real estate of mortgage most fast also need 2-5 a days, vehicles pawn can in several hours within got funds; amount high: General of gold and silver jewelry also can immediately got funds, but General to meet tens of thousands of and hundreds of thousands of of funds mortgage needs, and vehicles pawn General can get vehicles assessment price 50-80% of loan, can meet high amount funds needs; procedures simple: compared bulk material, and property, vehicles easy mobile, and assessment and custody convenient, pawn procedures simple.

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