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What is short term borrowings

  refers to short-term borrowing from banks or other financial institutions to borrow the term within one year borrowings, straddling the borrowing long-term borrowing.
first, accounting requirements, only by borrowing from banks and other financial institutions can be credited to short-term loans, unauthorized lending company belonging to illegal operations, borrowing among enterprises can only be recorded in other receivables, not recorded in the short-term borrowing.
Second, the so-called "short" refers to one year, for one year. It was decided during the book, our provisions, accounting period (fiscal year) for the Gregorian calendar from January 1 to December 31.
short-term borrowings are mainly operating working capital loans, temporary loans, settlement, and discounted loan, credit, prepaid by the seller down payment loans and special reserves to borrow short-term and
business enterprises are mainly operating working capital loans, settlement, temporary borrowing, bills discounted loans, credit, prepaid by the seller down payment loans and special reserves, such as.
are a number of short-term bank borrowings, and generally include the following categories: (1) working capital loan, (2) working capital loan (3) settlement loan; (4) the seller is credits (5) temporary borrowings (6) discounted loans. Is consistent with the accounting treatment under way these loans, including interest on borrowed time, extraction and processing of payments, repayments of the three links. Short-term borrowing in the enterprise business, set the "short-term borrowings". The loan principal amount of the credit of the account registration, registered debit loan principal repayments, final credit balance outstanding at the end of the loan principal, are shown in the balance sheet under liabilities current liabilities. Which should be in accordance with the categories of creditors and short-term borrowing set up details of the subjects, the breakdown accounts. Interest on short-term borrowing, set the "financial expenses" account. Registration of the account debit interest expense and credit registration term carried over to "profit this year" amount for the account.
short-term borrowing rates are borrowing parties on which interest is calculated mainly on the basis, therefore, are short-term loans essential terms of the contract. Divided into short-term borrowing rates from the structure, can be divided into interest rates, differences in statutory interest rate, Prime rate, interest rate, interest rate hikes, borrowing rates, such as the main form.
Chengdu modern combined investments limited is now found in the credit markets, introduced by the previous bank using real estate as collateral to apply for personal loans, upon receipt of the required consumption so invisible making it cumbersome to mortgage loan formalities.
the industry now, bank loans for personal consumption has actually not do small home loans of between 1 million and 2 million Yuan. And pawn line mortgage property is not asked customer of loan uses of, property mortgage pawn need after 5 a process, as long as procedures complete, as long as 1 to 2 a days pawn who on can got Dang gold, and Bank need review mortgage borrowing qualification, process, do loan most fast also need three week above, General will over one months of handle time, so in Chengdu today investment line handle mortgage loan business can saves not necessary of borrowing time, can let you of mortgage real most fast variable now. Increase the speed of mortgage, the fastest implement your realisation of collateral requirements.
by Chengdu investment limited in processing short-term mortgage deal today. Chengdu investment company today to help mortgage accounts, loan amount cannot exceed the appraised price of 60%, with an assessment agency identified 1 million houses, for example, maximum loan of 600,000. Now monthly mortgage cost and interest add up to 3.2%, due to the floating pawn yourself, general average 3% charge. 600,000 houses 3 months cost and interest charged to a total of 54,000. This is acceptable for people who needed the money, and it is important that your House will be quickly liquidated, avoids the tedious process of Bank lending procedures, buy a cash flow of valuable time.
short-term borrowing rates to determine:
is currently in the development of a planned economy to a market economy in China during the transition, on the whole, the demand is greater than supply and demand of funds of funds. In order to stabilize the country's financial system to prevent loan interest rate raise, countries need to provide for loan rates for financial institutions to ensure borrowers obtain loans rates within the limits set by the State, reducing the borrower's cost of production, promote the healthy and orderly development of the national economy. The interest rate policy of the country is a major component of the Central Bank's monetary policy, its formulation and adjustment had a significant impact on the national economy, the Central Bank is through the management of the lending rates of financial institutions to achieve the purpose of adjusting the financial order.

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