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Private lending

How civil we should credit the right to face

  Chengdu private investment credit and how much have the same problem, it is possible to successfully gain, but might be cheating since the consequences. From Wu Ying "illegal fund raising" in the case, prompting people to see all the adverse consequences of private credit, these are must know.
How are we do ' private credit ', now there may be a lot of problems we need to solve:
: private funding requirements are reasonable? Advocated the release of "private credit" who seem to think that private demand is reasonable. But it's not. Have a valid order of business, demand for liquidity, can be said to be reasonable. But in the case of excess capacity generally, and constantly expand investment is in fact unreasonable, promised investors expected return is also not true. For example, under the current circumstances, I would like to set to invest a large sum of money to store them, such capital requirements: is it reasonable? Should let go of "private credit" to meet the funding requirements?
II: high return on private investment can really do? Advocated the release of "private credit" who seem to think that only hand over money to entrepreneurs, will bring gains to investors. Never say, entrepreneur success probability, the probability of success is low.
three: "private credit" crisis: is it solitary? Such as: economic times irrational investment nature of the "private credit" economic downturn "to quench thirst"-type borrowing, serial borrowing network, and so on. If there is a crisis, the consequences must be holistic, rather than an individual. The problem, advocates opening of "private credit" the scholar, did not concern, nor prevention plans are given.
four: "private credit" is "goodwill"? Many defended Wu Ying who think Wu Ying's funding was in good faith. Ponzi, Director of bona fide and objective a malicious, there are objective and subjective is malicious, but the results are the same.
How to let go of "private credit", faced with increasingly large "private credit" sound. How to respond? We even let "private credit", there should also be more restrictive. "Borrowing" purposes should be limited to orders under the condition of liquidity needs "credit", there must be a collateral, and is limited to the legal recognition of collateral; "fund-raising" object, should be limited to solve their employment and investment.

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