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Private lending

Private lending agency how to operate financing to guarantee money

  financing work first step (determine direction)
first we discussion there is funded gold up of place
Bank, and investment business, and investment company, and guarantees company, and pawn line, and Government policy support,
second we research what financing way success rate highest
mortgage loan, and equity financing, and Ming voted dark loan (high card paragraph), and policy funds,
again we exchange what of enterprise financing most easy
big enterprise, and Mortgage business, project and policy support project
financial intermediaries to find there the most options for financing, and the success rate is high, what enterprises most likely to raise funds, we identified these, is equivalent to determine market demand, market and best practice, so that we can work on financial intermediaries.
what other of funds, and financing way, and customer (straight deposits, and insurance letter, and notes, and Board loan, and thaw paragraph,) all gave up
financing work second step (determine timing)
regardless of what lending units and the personal, money of number always limited of, if civil borrowing intermediary wants to into, must in lending units, and and the personal prepared to lending Shi into, if this project has in public oriented social find project has, that this amount should has put have almost has.
special emphasis on helping banks, policy payment must operate openly without access before, such as operation after you found the item in public is victim of society, you are just walking.
financing work third step (guarantee money)
civil borrowing intermediary is investment party and project party communication of bridge
civil borrowing intermediary is investment party and project party bargain of mechanical
civil borrowing intermediary is investment party and project party success cooperation Hou was abandoned of benefactor
civil borrowing intermediary is investment party and project party both profit Hou was called of fool of career
has how many civil borrowing intermediary, has how many civil borrowing intermediary do has years financing, Did not realize the value of the harvest. When you look back, look back and think, when ever let you help financing after successful financing of enterprises have begun to develop and to make money. And for you! These investments and the project with East meets West, throwing drills jade, sneak in, bait and more trick you into free agency, free agents.
financial intermediaries to ensure our share to make money:
you what relations with investors and project, can understand and control the party, for the money is guaranteed.
II, after the first person a gentleman, no matter what is the relationship between the parties, be sure to have a gentleman's agreement, if financing cannot be cashed, judicial solutions.
three, and determine paragraph source and project,, like Bank loan, and policy loan success rate high of operation, other success rate not high all gave up
four, and with reasonable of time, and do effective of thing, determine development direction, insisted down, truth, and achievements may is tomorrow
five, and China of economic is political economic, policy refers to which you on playing that, more see news, more understand Affairs, more and led Exchange, more awareness some led, set can has achievements
six, and civilization business, courtesy work, Learning, honest and
did not earn money financial intermediary friends, continues to finance the intermediary friend I firmly believe that we have identified what they want, and from there to achieve its objectives, by what means to achieve, whether controlled investors with project capabilities, make good use of the resources in your hand, make money may be in tomorrow!
the above is a personal experience in the finance industry, I hope to do financing friends can share, learn!

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