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Private lending

How to prevent borrowing pitfalls

  see business opportunities lie ahead, urgently needed capital investment, in this case many businessman to rapid financing will be resolved through private lending. In recent years, with borrowing rising, contradictions have appeared, often seemingly normal borrowing patterns, there are hidden dangers. So how do you avoid these potential risks? This professional solution is given. Case
the authenticity of identity of the borrower is difficult to confirm Ms Qin
people had such experiences, through friends, a Mr LEE to borrow 100,000 yuan, because someone promised interest rates far higher than bank interest and financial products, and that in only a month, inviting were made by Qin. Then signed the loan contract, and clearly the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule and other information, signed by both parties, Qin woman handed over 100,000 yuan in cash, Mr. Lee. But the repayment time has passed, but no motion, phone was unable to contact Ms Qin found himself may have been cheated.
there are a few key points it is worth noting that in this case, first lady of Qin of the debtor do not know, each other's true identity and address are not available. If someone does not sign a contract with the true identity, Qin through legal means to recover debts is very difficult. Because of the debtor's identity was not clear, and litigation needs at the domicile of the defendant to lodge a complaint. Here needs reminding the public, lending to people to understand each other, grasp the real identity when signing the contract must show identification, receipts and best stored with the copy of ID card of the borrower in the loan contract.
the second key point, although Mr LEE promised a high degree of interest, and written in the loan contract, but is not legally protected in China dear money, specifically refers to more than 4 times for bank loan interest, even if written in a contract is not subject to protection.
Qin's lawyer reminded the public to sign a loan contract, the need to clearly indicate the amount of the loan, interest rate, repayment schedule, so as to avoid disputes in the future, if the interest was not prescribed, will be interest-free.
case b:
-proof room arrived in required mortgage registration
a friend of Mr Zhao Chen usually lavish spenders, one day he proposed to borrow money, and said it will give higher interest rates. Because the other borrowed 300,000 small amount, Mr Zhao have concerns, but Mr Chan said a 100 square meters of housing as their mortgage, so Mr Zhao is the heart. Two months later, Mr CHAN has no words, Mr Zhao signed a contract intended to House swaps, learned of Chen's House had already mortgaged to others.
a bank insiders said that this may indeed occur in the private lending, which is the lending risk, because the personal assets of the debtor, individual reputation does not have sufficient evaluation capacity, unlike the Bank has a set of comprehensive evaluation system and standards. Through the qualification of private lending is in large part because of who can't get bank approval or to grasp the business opportunities with relatively fast. Lending process is usually based on an acquaintance's evaluation or a mortgage, but personal risk management ability is poor.
on the circumstances of this case, Qin said, through home equity mortgage registration should be made to the housing sector, so you can avoid one more arriving. If the debtor mortgage to multiple debtors, while not for mortgage registration, usually allocated in loans.

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