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How to improve microfinance skills

  current, enterprise loan skills is became increasingly important, investigate its reasons on is enterprise of production business cost in constantly improve, market of fierce competition, Enterprise profit constantly of fell, funds chain every now and then on will appeared fracture of phenomenon, and bank credit lines is exception tension, this on will let large of enterprise loan was to failed, to solution this a problem need strengthening enterprise loan skills aspects of practice, enterprise loan in the most important of is and borrowing institutions keep good of relationship, This which includes has Bank, and small loan company, and civil borrowing and other large of financial institutions, special worth a mention of is Bank, must to active tie Bank on financial aspects of work, with Bank, financial institutions to timely keep contact, to Bank reported enterprise of financial business status, let Bank full of understand himself of enterprise, let Bank on Enterprise full confidence, integrity is all problem of Foundation, main is on those enterprise of customer, also including enterprise belongs industry of peer, and Shang downstream enterprise and so on, These involved is a set of enterprise reputation, in most cases, corporate reputation, which will result in failed loans as well as sincerity, these will lead to doubts about the business of lending institutions. Also has is to do enterprise of daily, especially enterprise of organization schema of perfect management, on enterprise of funds using direction, and turnover and financial of accounting to do, in enterprise loan of process in the Bank will on enterprise of financial report do seriously detailed of check, do cannot fraud last to said of is, enterprise to improve itself of the management level, constantly of improve enterprise of efficiency this just for loan is for enterprise future of development responsible.
small and medium enterprises are very small scale, number of production and sales of specific products are not very stable, enterprise but also the lack of fixed assets as collateral for loans, and because of this. Skills should be more focused on corporate loans, be sure to to gain confidence in the funds, to do the work well, pave the way for future loans!


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