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Probably found the entire value chain financing to SMEs or outlet

  financial leverage once again inclined to the real economy.
12th successful microcredit company in Fujian head opened this small loan companies set two "firsts": it is the since its national pilot zone for overall reform of finance in Quanzhou, Nam's first small loan company run by purely private investment; it's business as usual at home now, the first work devoted to stone the whole industrial chain of non-bank financial institutions.
in 2012, the Finance Act dramatic was the wind of the real economy: first major trading Bank credentials to small and micro enterprises have introduced the corresponding financial product; stone industry of cmbc after miracles listed on the head of the Department of finance operations. In recent years, Quanzhou official up for national pilot zone for overall reform of finance, guarantee companies have set up various microfinance companies, financing, financing system is gradually forming.
financing is no longer difficult, but for small and micro enterprises, the role of many banks is "icing on the cake", rather than "relief crisis." Thought of industry, financial institutions are on track to getting work done on the real economy, the key is to handle damage control problems in the financing, Minsheng's entire value chain financing model worthy of reference.
pluralistic financing system to help stone enterprise "thirst"
successful microcredit company in Fujian's opening by the industry wide applause, just because it has significant "private patience" and to understand the "industry".
it is reported that the successful micro-loan company led by the min-Kai Group in the League on behalf of the enterprise, service provider, wanlong building materials groups, as an important advocate, solidarity, Fujian province pyroxene industry Corporation, Fujian hongfa group limited for the 15 most influential enterprise with investments, investment resources exclusively for private resource, investment of enterprises for stone enterprises, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan.
"encouragement of private resources into the financial sector, is an important part of financial reform in Quanzhou, a move that will contribute to the optimization of the Finance Act, for enterprise financing and financing of your topic. "Municipal Finance Bureau to work hard people.
"compared with the banks, we are more mobile for small and micro-enterprises. "Successful microcredit company in Fujian, Zheng Dengrong, Director of the Office to introduce road, Bank examination and approval procedures cumbersome, some brilliant approved the loans to one or two months, and small loan companies, usually for a week or even two or three days.
Zheng Dengrong introduction, micro-loan company issuing short-term or short-term loans than banks have the upper hand. "The day before yesterday there was a stone business owners, need funding, as long as the loan for 7 days, after we check quickly to grant him a loan, banks are often difficult to provide such short-term loans. "Zheng Dengrong said.
, financing guarantee system was formed in the stone industry, stone and finished product export base in Fujian province Chamber of Commerce and the stone material industry association established the source of financing, Nanan guarantee limited, now do the 23 stone enterprises, providing guaranteed funding of 120.7 million Yuan.
major trading banks also have creative financing, and in addition to the traditional mortgage lending, also introduced a set method of equipment deployment, such as mortgages, stock mortgage loans, stone's business financing threshold was significantly low.
a few days ago, stone success financed through road, and voluminous Enterprise see the resource markets hope, Bandung shares, Sino Santa Fe shares, River stone shares are listed other southern stone structure, looking forward to more extensive resources opened the game on the market.
now I stone industry, financial means in the real economy has become diversified.
probably small business loans
financial institutions there "and put the figure" to business owners to throw "olive branch", but there are still many business owners think that financing is not easy.
"to the strength of our company, you can only borrow two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand Yuan from the Bank, but it is overstaffed. "Head a small stone dealer total performance, the two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand Yuan is only enough for the acquisition of blocks, and processing fees often need two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand Yuan. They number merely two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand Yuan Bank loans too poor, complex procedures, he would rather beg for loans from relatives and friends, just civil false credit interest than many banks over the crossing.
reporter met, in addition to less useful assets of enterprises, banks and complex procedures resulting in outside financing, SME's opaque example, financial difficulties, also contributed to the financing of important reasons.
total openness to tax evasion, head of a large number of small dealers to set up shop without registering the business licence. Because there is no coherent documents such as business licenses, tax certificate, not to apply to the Bank for financing.
information on performance over 90% of our private enterprises could not get loans from banks. World of private enterprise and family enterprise in the past 3 years almost 62.3% through the civil false loan financing. These topics in the South also exists. 80% Nam on small and medium enterprises, also in the field of financing.
in addition to their own credit skills topics, Bank and other financial institutions, there are also many topics.
Wu stone business for over 6 years, and last year he bought a mine, but stuck on the financing.
"who mine stone color is very good, buy it, sell well. "Wu said, but holds the initial investment should be at least 10 million Yuan, he ran, many banks are lending less, EES is not sufficient to guarantee and collateral, and mining harm too much, many banks refuse to venture the experiment.
"why do banks not to lend to companies? Why do complicated procedures? Because banks can't find serenity. "Quanzhou, a senior research fellow at the State-owned bank Chen Ruqing teaching performance, functioning of the industry, many banks lack sufficient acquaintance, strengths in finance and risk cannot be accurately assessed, also cannot hold useful control.
the environment posed a serious result. "Industries at rurifangsheng, some banks will leave too much lending to enterprises, and industry growth momentum when wrong, banks cut back loans, resulting in many companies fail because of the capital chain rupture. "The performance in the industry.

Chen Ruqing perfect industrial chain to support their financing, difficult to apply for financing on the basis of accounts, if necessary, cooperation between enterprises and financial institutions crucial. On one hand, and enterprises to enhance their equipment deployment, examples including innovation management, finance, and constantly promoted credit level on the other, financial institutions to forge better damage control skills, increase financial innovation.
last year, Minsheng bank financial miracles tribal head of stone industry, with "the entire value chain finance" deeply involved in the stone industry, for banks to handle damage control topics explored in the financing of a road.
"we will establish a dedicated industry research section, for each key on the stone industry research, identifying each of the key points of profit and hazards, so ability to accurately assess the risk in the financing capacity, and set out a fair share of the financing plan, to control the hazard. "The head branch of Minsheng Bank Deputy Governor Hong Huang-Hui.
the case of mining, stone mining are major banks avoid categories kept, because independent mining hazard rate up to 85%, only the 15% can profit. But the Bank see the watchword of business opportunities.
"now meet banking resources in stone processing key upstream mining of critical inputs and despicable trafficking rarely. In fact, mine exploitation and trafficking business business more profitable. "Hong Huanghui said.
, Minsheng Bank not only against the high risk of mining topics open mining Fund products, encouragement of stone mining, and provide professional consulting service and order to draw business.
"we're a ' fixed ' ore, a ' fixed ' investment, financial support for mine acquisition, to block the purchase price, and simultaneously access key mining investment, for mining investment opportunity. "Minsheng Bank Quanzhou branch President Xu Hongtu.
taught Chen Ruqing, Minsheng's success lies in the depth of the industry to explore and know each other, and can be held against a useful handle, out of financial innovation in a more tactical way, this is a bias of Chinese financial industry's future growth.
in addition to stone ceramics, Nam plumbing kitchen otherwise now, apparel and textile industry, all regional characteristic industry are warning the whole industry chain and financing methods?
Xu Hongtu thought, jointly to meet the 3 conditions of finance and industry, is a more complete industry chain; the other is range is not large enough, or place of origin, the output value of industry have joined, so open up lower cost; three is industrial and financial business specialization requirements is relatively high.


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