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  stopping 546 of the end of September 2012, Inner Mongolia the world has microcredit company topped the list of provinces. Less than 6 years of development, also on "most" full of many worried. In fact, "have a legitimate coat of the Bank", "civil false credit chain of bookmakers," "usury constructs" such negative has been removed exposing the local small loan company problems, and cadres caused the alert. Other credentials available to reporters information on Inner Mongolia 9 months before the new MCC 44 last year, far less than the degree of increase in numbers from a year earlier, however, on a number of slow, does not let its low grade.
micro-credit "hangover"
"amount required: 3 million, interest: 4 minutes/month, deadline: one month, the time necessary to: January 12. "When receive this very seducing Lee's message, he did not answer, even if the originator had been kept" mutual relationship "the hard man of a microfinance company in Inner Mongolia. He said: "now is still a great harm, financial peace is most important. "He is sure to press conference on the report, the small loan company plays the role of usury is constructed, compared with ordinary structure, strong financial strength, proper identity can probably attract more private capital to enter fake credit chain advantage. Small loan companies cannot absorb public savings, their managers and profiteering excited, so it easily in the plot with civil false credits is intertwined, as early as 2011, 5 small loan company in Inner Mongolia as a result of illegal absorbing public deposits, illegal issuance of usury was shut down.
is the mutual assistance "a whale", but some friends "Peregrine" teaches Lee decisive "small loan company easy questions." A set of data in support of his decision. Stop the end of September 2012, overdue loans balance of a microfinance company is 4.71 billion yuan, Inner Mongolia, is 11 times over the same period last year, 12.44% of the total loan balance, progress 11.18% than a year ago. The end of September 2012, coherent institutional monitoring of the 444 microfinance companies, loss-making organization number is above 60, accounted for 14.19%, progress of 4.87% over the last year.
in fact, small credits the company's growth from local economic growth and the trend of demand for artificially promoting stronger color, which appears on the small loan company number and registered capital "supersaturation" place with style and in the Inner Mongolia region "over saturated" degree is still deepening. For example, stop the end of September 2012, hubao, e "golden triangle" region micro-credit company, 50% per cent of all establishments and registered resources and 70%.
credit stalls "big" places pomp unchanged
, published in 2008 by the CBRC in the Guide comments on pilot small loan companies clearly defined microfinance company is important for the "three rural" and micro-enterprise credit, and loans should be confronted "small, evacuation" principle. An industry performance to reporters, newly established micro-credit companies are now established in economically developed regions, remote and backward countryside and large number of institutions established in the County is relatively small, agriculture is not ambition.
according to reporter met, now small loan company of loan years interest rate more in 10% above, and agricultural production returns degree often is low, makers usually suffered not up its high of financial do; other due to agricultural production and natural conditions intimacy approached, agricultural production cycle often more long, burden with more of natural against, and small loan company from achieved returns maximize, and escape against and low handle with degrees, aspects thought, refused to will too much funds into agricultural.
a small loan company hard people, loan amounts, high percentage of loans of over 1 million Yuan. According to him, individual financial strength strong micro-credit companies maximum loan amount above the expected environment. Small loan company planning a wide small loan tool is something that is not in line with the Trade Bank loans or trading banks are not willing to plan small customers, potential hazards larger loans are too high, but will also lead to the micro-credit companies plan more harm.
other, root accounted for about delineation, small loan company only plan delineation range within of loan business, cannot than engaged in list, and assets transfer, and delegate loan, other low against business, so interest income will became small loan company only of profit fountain, this more easy makes small loan company to sought high profit returns for target, will large funds into real estate, and mineral resources opened, current profit high but lurking against larger of industry.
some blind spots in small loan company
frequent violations, some subject matter of public concern. Who kept a small loan company?
according to environmental reporter, for a small loan company of political plotting and some important financial detention system is based upon a set place, while financial detention system for this type of "financial institution" or non-deposit lending institutions are accepted "only concern, does not participate in, wild" attitude. Most of the region is still the local authority Finance Office as part of the monitoring of a microfinance company to handle, who confided in reality manipulation, the local authorities have kept part of the function of monitoring the three strict "three red lines": no illegal fund-raising or absorbing public deposits, not above designated interest rate loans, it does not take illegal skills hurried loan.
but due to custodial Department staff pneumatic not enough and professional nature, sake original by, phase cadres points on small loan company of business plan range, and funds fountain, and interest rate degree, and loan received card whether example, and information submitted whether real, and customer loan joined degrees whether Super index and funds using and the flows, environment of master still exists not enough, this also directly led to custodial Department exists blind. So many regional agencies test, light planning some topics.
micro-credit system reform of companies such as village banks, will to a certain extent some problems solved, but in an interview with reporters is also known to many small loan companies have no intention of reforming. A performance in the industry, most small investors against the required banking institutions loan company as a village Bank, the primary advocate cannot play with the conditions controlling shareholders. So far, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, no 1 microfinance company restructuring or file for conversion to village Bank.
in recent years, the rapid economic growth in Inner Mongolia, small and medium enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households and agricultural growth under the situation of growing demand for capital, developed micro-credit company growth. But with the target fast-growing microfinance company number, face a series of problems has become increasingly prominent, how to handle the problem is still necessary with a cadre of happy.


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