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Small mortgage loan amount can be doubled financing easy

  If people want to go through the mortgaged property to the micro-credit loans for planned activities, is expected to be over twice the price of the mortgage loan. Yesterday, the commercial news reporters visiting the city's small loan company known to, along with the new year Bank line of credit easing, to snare more customer resources, credit is given instead of a microfinance company discounts, instead amplified the mortgage credit at the expense, time limit up to a maximum of 3 years, 3 days can be the fastest and the lenders.
Bank: low threshold for approval
keep since the new year, personal mortgage planning lending is an important channel for small and medium enterprises with funds from the Bank, this need for SMEs will be homes, stores, Office space and equipment deployment be mortgaged to the Bank. "Credit lines at the end of last year when Super nervous banks dealing with personal loans mortgage planning is in the stopped state. But as the new year Bank line of credit in place, now the floodgates of this loan. "Yesterday, a large State-owned Trade Bank Department in charge of the city reported business news reporter, is to restart the business, but the customer loan approval and the issuance of still not significant change compared with last year. In General, customers that meet criteria in this way, funds can be obtained from the Bank top will not override the collateral costs of 70%. Single highest credit lines typically do not take precedence over 3 million Yuan.
"now we deal with real estate area has no harsh limits of the mortgage. "Yesterday, the local reported, another city firm Gold hard business news reporter, and when the last line of credit in an emergency, bank collateral requirements are high. If mortgage probably is not in the main city in the area of the House years above 10, banks usually will not be entertained. But as long as he is the property of housing can apply for management.
"authority and financing platform controlled, property control, good corporate bond financing, credit useful demand changes for the better, many banks have begun mediation with SME loans from credit institutions. "A large joint-stock commercial bank company people let said, with macroeconomic stabilization and recovery, Enterprise expanded production will strengthen demand for credit also climbed. Banks invest more in personal mortgage plans loan marketing efforts is the situation as possible.
micro-credit: maximum mortgage loan costs twice times
banks to increase mortgage plans loan marketing efforts at the same time, micro-loan company does not "sit tight". Yesterday, the commercial news reporters from credit known to Han China, only the reputation of Han China loans first to launch mortgage products and loan. According to Han China Secretary lixiesili introduction credit micro-credit business, as long as in the context of the main city of homes, stores, office buildings can be used as collateral.
"If the customer economy, family, excellent reputation, our highest valuation price twice times the amount of credit provided. As long as the customer data are available, the fastest within 3 days you can lend. "Commercial news reporters Xie Sili report, Han Chinese professional appraiser credentials the credit price on the second-hand housing market, the mortgage is given an appraised value.
not only lending growth, loan capital is expected to land. Commercial news reporters Xie Sili report, if two or more persons at the same time apply for a loan, can play on a normal interest rate of 95 percent, and if you are 4 person and can hit 90 percent. Particularly worth mentioning is that the customer can apply for financing of less than 5 million Yuan. Than honorary loans for up to 18 months of begging deadlines, customers through real estate as collateral for credit within a maximum of 36 months, and expiry of the loan repayment.
"financing enterprise to get more financing, natural source can also attract more customers. "Report on micro-credit company total lixiamao Han China Chongqing business daily journalist, micro-credit customers join in trade flow smooth. Business news reporter then met to, apart from the Han Chinese outside the credit, small loans, into the tripod, such as micro-credit has launched amplification product of the assessment cost charge to credit, but gain watchword.
: loose
of corporate finance in the first month of the new year, the big four banks are full steam to lend, sources pointed out that two weeks before the January four of about 270 billion yuan of new bank loans has been above amount of December the whole month last year. According to this plan, January new loans exceeded 1 trillion is a lot of possibilities.
in fact, 2013 properly in a relatively loose credit growth has been set. Latest news points out that gongnong zhongjian four lines of credit had been set at 900 billion at the beginning of this year, 700 billion yuan, 500 billion yuan and 840 billion yuan, than in 2012 and have progress, four new credit YTD 2.94 trillion. In addition, ICBC up 4% from last year's 860 billion yuan about 900 billion yuan.
another joint-stock commercial bank in the city who said group signs of economic recovery, but still need to loose money policies to support. Market Group's loose money policy is expected to be continuous to the second quarter of this year, probably appeared sure of tight money policy in the future. From this level, said bonus thought, banking activity is easing in the first half of this year. Crowding out effect, more micro-credit companies are expected to participate in SME lending towards war, loose is the future trend of the financing situation of SMEs.

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