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The vehicle mortgage

, auto or mortgage loan application information 1. original ID card, residence booklet or other valid document and provide a copy of its;
2. occupational and income certificate;
3. motor vehicle registration, a motor vehicle driving license, purchase invoice, vehicle tax payment certificate, insurance formalities, and so on.
, lenders must have basic conditions 1.18 years of age have full capacity for civil conduct in China, a Chinese citizen with permanent residence in the territory. 2. have a stable job and income, to ensure repayment of the loan principal and interest on a regular basis.
three characteristics, vehicle mortgage business
1. Borrowing the open-ended (available as a corporate cash flow, buying, buying a car, decoration, tourism, education and so on). ;
2. Mortgage money, inscribed and quick process, can reach the vehicle's market value 70%--80%;
3. Early repayment without penalty;
4. Mortgage term length, the procedures quick and easy day loan.

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