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Shop loans

  according to related provides, shops loan application people must while has following conditions:
(1) application Shi borrowing people and the where units has continuous one years above on time full deposit housing Provident Fund, and borrowing people and the spouse never application made had Provident Fund loan or made of housing Provident Fund loan has returned finished;
(2) has this city administrative within of resident account or effective residence identity;
(3) has purchase housing of contract or agreement,  And first payment not below by purchased housing value of 30%;
(4) has stable of economic income, credit good, has corresponding of loan reimbursement capacity, and has where units issued of borrowing people fixed economic income of proved;
(5) has Provident Fund Management Center recognized of assets as mortgage or pledge, or has enough compensatory capacity of corporate or natural as guarantor;
(6) borrowing people purchase of housing must is has do housing pre-sale license of General residential
(7) other conditions stipulated in Fund Management Center.


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