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  a, and housing mortgage loan application information
1. housing property card and the lease card;
2. right people and the spouse of ID;
3. right people and the spouse of account this;
4. right people of marriage proved (marriage certificate or Civil Affairs Bureau issued of unmarried proved);
5. work and the income proved;
6. as property right people has minor children, please provides was born card;
7. as property within also has Bank loan, Please provide us with the original loan contract and last month's bank statement 8. to raise the loan rate, please provide proof of other family property as much as possible, (such as the certificates of other property, stocks, funds, cash book, vehicles travel card and so on).
/> Second, the mortgage conditions (1) 18 years of age have full capacity for civil conduct in China, a Chinese citizen with permanent residence in the territory; (2) has stable of career and economic income, has reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity, no bad credit records;
(3) has legal effective of purchase contract;
(4) has purchased and handle has housing mortgage loan of, original housing mortgage loan has repayment one years above, loan balance is less than mortgage housing value of 60%, and as mortgage of housing has made housing ownership certificate, age in 10 years within.


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