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House expedited vehicle loan

  expedited loan refers to the loan are in urgent need of housing fund borrowers of Bank lending can not meet the time requirements of the case, companies lend money by me or by my company to lend money, and to get loans from banks, after Bank lending, will my company's loans into Bank loans a loan.

the criteria for 1.18 years of age, with full civil capacity of a natural person
2. couples in which at least one person for People's Republic of China citizens (Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan)
3. houses without property rights disputes.
loan amount
loan amount highest can up housing market value of 80%
mortgage property of regional
Shenyang all regional
mortgage property of type
residential, and apartments, and Villa, and Office, and shops, and housing, and cost price room, and fetches room, and central maternity ward,
loan interest rate
according to housing situation, borrowing people qualification, borrowing uses, conditions, interest rate in monthly 3% around floating.

monthly income deduction of repayment, interest can be divided into beginning interest deduction and end button in two ways.


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